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Your Have Bad Internet Connection? Use the Opera 10

July 15th, 2009 surfer

Opera 10 – Your internet connection bad? Surely you agree that it is very annoying and makes you upset. Who would like if you want to connect to the internet but with bad loading?
Now there are alternatives to try to speed up your computer Internet connection. If you want to browse you can quickly display the site you want, just use Opera 10, the latest version of Opera.

What makes the Opera-10 can load pages faster than other browsers? That is because there is a feature called Turbo Opera. Its function is to speed up loading when opening your sites. There are 3 options in this Turbo Opera feature, namely On, Automatic and Off. Well, of course not easy to guess the function of each option? Yup that’s right. On to enable / optimize turbo facility is the browser to go faster, to enable automatic turbo facility when the network is detected in a state of slow, and Off to turn off this feature.

Opera Turbo

Oh yes, there is another superiority of this browser. This browser capable of displaying thumbnails (small preview image) if we point the mouse at the tab that is opening the site. Hopefully this post can help solve the problem a little slow Internet connection. Oh yes, if interested, you can download it here

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