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When Robots parents wedding

May 18th, 2010 surfer

Guests are invited to stand as a bride walking down the field with grace, color white. But people are not willing to stand up to welcome bride He is the master of ceremony, because the suffering does not have to sit in place.

Master of Ceremony or not the pastor, but the robot ceremony in Tokyo, Japan, Sunday, May 16, 2010 took place from I – Fairy, 1.5 meter high robot glowing eyes and hair the braids.

Marriage is based manufacturer of robotic Kokoro Company. At first marriage is run by robots.

“Please open the curtain of the bride,” said the voice of the robot in a wide range of small arms in the air as a new kissing partner page 50 wedding guests was held at a restaurant in Hibiya Park, Tokyo city center.

I – Fairy tiara to wear a flower and protruding lines in his body that crouches in the black curtain and connect people with computer commands.

One of the Japanese robot industry’s most advanced in the world Government support for the sector actively following the progress. A homemade robot for Japanese factories are still standard, but Japanese companies have recently started the role of the robot on a daily basis.

I – Fees will be selling approximately three robots 6,300,000 ¥ U – Fairy in the United States, Singapore and Japan, the company spokesman, Kayako Kido one hand and move 18 degrees, especially repetitive movements and sounds of the program.

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