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Western Digital RE3 Harddisk

April 28th, 2009 surfer – This time I want to post an article for the category of hardware, namely the latest hard drive from Western Digital. This news comes from the WDC website. This site announces the latest series of hard drive Western Digital RE3.

This hard drive comes with a choice of 2 capacities: the capacity of 750 GB and 1 TB (1 terabyte).
RE3 hard drive series is more intended for enterprise users, more specifically used for application servers and for any other enterprise storage.

As for the features possessed by RE3 series are:
1. Buffer size 32 MB capacity.
2. Tolerance to vibrations and shocks better
3. Additional performance improvements up to 60% at the time of working conditions with vibration disturbances.
4. Existence StableTrac features, namely a system that is used to reduce vibration during operation.
5. The existence of the shock sensor multi-axis shock, a feature that secures the data from physical damage during the shock automatically.

RE3 hard drive series is also made to improve its performance compared with the previous hard drive series, among others, in order to work with the noise level is more minimal and colder.
Regarding the price, WD RE3 hard drive with a capacity of 1 Tb dibandrol at $ 249 price range, while for the 750 GB capacity dibandrol in $ 199 price range.

Wow what a harddisk there.. LOL

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