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Ubuntu Satanic Version

September 3rd, 2009 surfer

Ubuntu Satanic – Some of the linux users might not know of the existence of these distributions, or perhaps for a frequent visitor to the site distributions will not find this in their list because the distrowatch was deliberately excluded these distributions into their list.

The following excerpt from the explanation Ladislav Bodnar, admin of the site There is no way I am going to add this distro to DistroWatch. Two reasons:
“1. I do not consider the name “Satanic edition” as an appropriate name for a Linux distribution. Believe me, there are many very sensitive people visiting DistroWatch who would be offended by the name of your distro. There is a line between what is and what is not an appropriate name for a software product and I believe that you’ve crossed that line.
2. Ubuntu is a registered trademark of Canonical. You need to show me an official permission from Canonical that grants you the use of the word Ubuntu in your product’s name.
Ladislav ”

So to say kalo Ubuntu Satanic Edition is a ban by Distrowatch ** may be written “Devil Do not enter” **
Apart from the existing controversy, Ubuntu SE besides Ubuntu can be installed into the standard version also provides the installation CD in the form of Live CD. The first release of Ubuntu Satanic Edition Live CD is named “Ubuntu Satanic Edition 666.4 Headless Horseman”

Ubuntu Satanic Edition-2

This release of Ubuntu 8.04.1 which include themes with “The dark and brooding satanic” and some of the music “heavy” lasted approximately 30 min to licensed “Creative Commons “from StabWounD, Auvernia, Frontside, Skaut, Taste of Hell, and Holy Scape.Goat Pain. So for those who feel devilnest may try this distro. Further explanation of these distributions can be obtained on its website

Woa… Unique OS isn’t it?

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