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Tips for Choosing Antivirus

October 10th, 2008 surfer – Perhaps among of many computer users or anyone asked which antivirus is the best?
Answers will vary, there is a mention of superior product A, superior product B, there is also a mention other products.
Of the many answers to this, can also most of the answers presented by the user subjectivity or fanaticism of certain products.

However, as consideration, there are at least 2 way that may be used to decide which one to antivirus installed on your computer.
1. The best antivirus is the antivirus that is always “updated” periodically / regularly, so that will give better protection than antivirus – which although popular, but rarely updated regularly.
2. Use antivirus that has a concern for local users and to provide local support to its products. The reason, because in addition to virus threats from abroad (which usually can be detected well by most anti-virus), there are also threats that come from local viruses can not be detected by antivirus made abroad.

Well, after reading the brief tips on top, now you can decide, which antivirus are you going to wear.


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