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ThinkPad W700: Tough PC in Market Mobile Workstation

April 15th, 2009 surfer

lenovo-thinkpad-w700 – Lenovo increase its product range through the ThinkPad W700, a mobile workstation-wide screen 17-inch sizes designed first with technology and innovation that goes beyond the needs of most users who require data and graphics large capacity.

Lenovo brings digitizer and color Calibrator first integrated in a mobile workstation and combines these innovations with the first technology in the mobile market such as NVIDIA Quadro FX graphics and supports the latest Intel mobile quad core that will soon be launched.

Other features such as optional dual hard drives with RAID configurations, high-speed DDR3 memory up to 8 GB, various wireless connectivity options and excellent multimedia capabilities, including Blu-ray DVD burner / player make the optional ThinkPad W700 mobile workstation the new standard for power and performance in a mobile workstation.

“Lenovo has designed a new class of mobile workstation with the ThinkPad W700. No other PC manufacturer has a mobile workstation with the power, performance and innovation to match the front of the Lenovo ThinkPad W700. ThinkPad W700 mobile workstation really give the best performance required by customers us, both when used in tables and in the field, “said Sandy Lumy, Country Manager of Relational Business Lenovo Indonesia, through press releases, Saturday (16/8/2008).

According to IDC, the annual compound growth rate of the mobile workstation market has exceeded the 60% per year since 2002.1 The ThinkPad W700 mobile workstation Lenovo’s continued commitment to workstation users, melangkapi and W500 mobile workstation workstations ThinkStation S10 and D10. The field workers such as digital content creators, designers and employees who use computers, digital photographers and employees in the oil and gas industry increasingly mobile, they? need a mobile workstation with performance and premium features with desktop workstatation.

The ThinkPad W700 mobile workstation that brings innovation driven by customer in at a new level with a digitizer and color Calibrator optional integrated armrest on my laptop. Lenovo and Intel collaborated to integrate the color Calibrator and digitizer in the ThinkPad W700 mobile workstation. Designed for the creators and users of digital content, mobile workstation digitizer helps them easily configure an image, either mapping the entire screen or to an area defined by the user.

High-performance users, especially digital photographers, will benefit from models with Calibrator color because color plays an important role in their work. Calibrator automatically adjusts the color on the screen with only a half times the time required by the time the external calibrator with higher accuracy, resulting in images that are accurate and very close to the original colors in an integrated package. Together with Intel mobile quad core that will soon be launched, the multimedia designers and animators now have quad-core processor performance and exceptional color replicators that are critical for realistic digital creations and efficiency in the stages of work.

By supporting the latest Intel processor technologies, including quad-core mobile processors will be launched soon, this mobile workstation can be configured with up to 8 GB of memory, plus Intel Turbo Memory 2G. Lenovo also offers models with dual internal hard drives, including solid state drive storage. The ThinkPad W700 mobile workstation graphics processor offers the NVIDIA Quadro FX 2700M and 3700M Open GL with 1GB dedicated video memory for the best graphics performance in a workstation-sized 17-inch screen. Hard disk can be configured for RAID to help users access and save their data faster than traditional hard disk storage methods. Users can also choose RAID 1 for mirrored data redundancy.
This mobile workstation includes WiFi wireless connectivity. In addition, users can connect to other wireless devices by using models of mobile workstation featuring Bluetooth and ultra-broadband technology. Models that support WiMAX will be available at the end of the year ini2.

As Lenovo’s first product that uses 17-inch screen, the ThinkPad W700 mobile workstation screen  presents an incomparable combination of leading technologies. WUXGA screen optional 400-nit brightness deliver twice the models previously ThinkPad mobile workstation and the wide spectrum of colors with 72 percent giving the color intensity of 50 percent larger.
High resolution, extreme brightness and wide color spectrum, combined with NVIDIA Quadro graphics solutions will result in FX MXM users who do not experience unrivaled in the world of mobile workstation today. For external connectivity, the ThinkPad W700 mobile workstation provides support for Dual Link DVI, Display Port and VGA.

Multicard reader 7-in-1 and 5 USB ports member flexibility to users for transferring and accessing digital content. In addition, this workstation comes with an optional compact flash reader and Blu-ray DVD burner / player. An optional mini-dock extending this mobile workstation capabilities with eSATA and digital audio ports as well as convenient cabling systems for power, external monitors and peripherals.

Packed for extreme performance, this mobile workstation also features BIOS / port disablement and an optional fingerprint reader, smartcard reader and hard drive with full encryption. The ThinkPad W700 has more than 20 certifications from the vendor-independent software vendors.
“Our engineers use Lenovo ThinkStation workstations to help them design a racing car-Toyota FW31 William, to make it faster and more agile, with higher performance than competitors,” said Chris Taylor, IT manager, AT & T Williams.

The ThinkPad W700 mobile workstation will be available from September 2008 with models whose prices begin to USD3599 for the 2758 model-4WA and USD5799 to 2758 model-5FA.

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