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Stealth IBOT for Preventing Computer Spy

October 29th, 2009 surfer

In this computer and Internet era, you know that download and upload becomes an ordinary thing to do. Besides there will be a lot of data that you have to take. Probably you are thinking of what a suitable media to save all your data and you can bring it along with your busy day. Brickhousesecurity.Com understand your need and released their USB data traveler to save your data such as written data, power point, picture, and any other data.

It is also avoid you from computer spy. By put Stealth IBOT data traveler, you can free from computer spy and even can give you a report for what had you done on your computer. The key for free from computer spy is because this product has anti spyware application. Moreover, this product can take data from one PC and see the other data from other PC.

What you need is three steps and within 5 minutes you can done all the processes safely. The main objective of Stealth IBOT is to record all the data and the latest activity in your computer even you can use it to know your account computer. Actually, recording is important to prevent computer spy and you know that your secret is in a safe condition.

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