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Spam And Spim

September 18th, 2008 surfer


computermdbismarck – I’ll take you to further recognize SPAM and spim. Our discussion includes a spammer and psychological measures against them.

What is SPAM

SPAM is the name for the email that you did not expect. SPAM is often called UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email), UBE (Unsolicited Bulk Email) or also Junk Mail. usually contains commercial messages that offer a particular product, advertising of private educational institutions, business invitation, fraud, until now the most vivid is the webmaster advertising porn sites and their products (drugs, s * x Toyz, etc. ..): P

The real impact of the SPAM was very detrimental to the individual user, even more for a large company. Giant companies in Europe and even to lose billions of euros each fund every years only because of SPAM. Bandwidth, time, energy and thoughts will be much taken as SPAM. This affects  Internet billing. And worse, the employee would obviously lose a lot of time just because they have to sort out where the email SPAM, which is from the customer.

SPAM business becomes more widespread and much in demand by big companies lately. SPAM considered to be very effective in advertising because they were considered able to capture more customers in a short time. Yes, commercial messages that can reach millions of people in just minutes!

Every person who has entered the target list of Spammer will be difficult to break away from this junk mail flood. The average victims will receive dozens of emails every day.

What is spim

Spim is a term for “pest” messenger. You who love to chat with using Instant Messenger (IM) certainly familiar with spim. Spim often appear suddenly when we do chat. Usually spim will greet you for a while, offering to you to visit a link. Address links are also often tempting offer to open and sometimes associated with the nick you use. For example you are Spyro_ZONE nick, then usually offered a link to visit is http://chrisitine/xxxspyro_zone/

Sometimes spim will try to tempt you to open links in a way to convince you that the link will take you to a place with pictures of “interesting”. Especially if not the pictures and videos smelly p ** n.

Until now spim is still rampant despite many people who ignore them. However, spim still can be disrupt and reduce your chatting comfort in situation of chatting.

Is that just the impact of spim? No!! even a spim can be extremely dangerous. Spim can be used by the sender to spread worms, viruses, trojans, spyware and other malicious programs. Moreover, most of spim will lead you to porn sites. Whereas most sites are deliberately obscene when fitted with spyware by the webmaster to dredge pc information from visitors.

How do they know our email addresses

Perhaps you wondered to myself, where the spammers find our email addresses? Did not we do not know them? Is not we never thought he had given our email addresses to them? Here are the answers to these questions:

(1). Your own submit your email address on their

Why, where possible? Where there are people who accidentally showed his address to the criminals to be As with the target? It’s not directly. Without realizing it, we have found contribute to helping the spammers and the thrust of our email addresses to them.

While visiting the major sites, we are often tempted to fill the guest book or shoutbox provided on the site (if any). That’s when we asked for the identity of nick and email address to post comments. We ourselves are also often include an email address on your blog or personal site us. This was very common as a form to introduce yourself. Bu

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