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Portable Password Manager Collection

September 17th, 2009 surfer

passwordmanager – So many accounts that you have the hassle of memorizing sometimes one by one, so there are practical things that might be used to do, such as store important information of this account into a small note in the notepad. This is terrible because it is very risky. And there are many users who have a variety of accounts ranging from emails, etc. But have the same password for all accounts, this is just horrible.

Sometimes a quick thought, is there any tools that can manage their account number into a database password but have a high level of security. The answer is Yes, even more so, Password Manager, allows you to manage passwords, account passwords are so many, ranging from email accounts, forums, cpanel, mailing lists, social networking, even though cc. Simply memorize one password (the password database password manager) to represent the many your account password.

Password Manager is sufficient interest nPassword one writer – Portable Password Manager. With the layout is user friendly making password management becomes much easier and exciting. Another interesting feature is that you can configure your own shortcut-shortcut to copy and paste the password from an existing database without having to type one by one username and password, for example when you are going to log in gmail just type win + N to fill in your username in the field username, and win + V to fill the password.

This is nPassword portable applications that have small size, only 428 Kb size but capable of properly manage passwords, with 256-bit AES encryption.

You can download it here :

nPassword Portable Password Manager
Portable Password Manager is sufficient interest among others:
Yadabyte Passwords (EAS has 256-bit encryption)
Password Safe
KeePass Password Safe

Hope can be Useful.. LOL

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