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Magic Speed 3.3 freeware

January 28th, 2009 surfer

Magic Speed 3.3 – Is your computer slow while booting and also when used?

The solution is easy, in addition to maximizing the inherent tools such as system windows defragment, disk cleanup, or use other tricks, let alone freeware from third parties. Magic Speed 3.3! This application is freeware.

What are the advantages

1. Magic Speed will make your computer faster and more efficient in 5 steps.
2. In this software package includes:
– Startup management
– Fix registry errors / broken
– Disk Clean-up
– Memory Management

Price Free!!

You are not required to master the specialized knowledge of computers. Magic Speed will analyze the applications on your computer, you can set its appearance along with the emergence of Windows (you can put it in the startup items).
Checks carried out this freeware also includes testing for viruses and spyware.
You want to download it? Click here..

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