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iPhone can be used as credit

May 19th, 2010 surfer

DeviceFidelity Inc. Monday (17 / 5) announced the iPhone In2Pay users. With these services, users can use the iPhone as a credit card to buy ..

Users can perform transactions in a way to shake the iPhone to the payment terminal device. The service combines technology, a MicroSD In2Pay a specially designed security system, which can be used for the iPhone and iPhone 3G 3GS.

By placing the microSD In2Pay guard, iPhone users can enjoy services such as transactions, connections are protected. These services, such as buying goods stores and kiosks, pay the ticket, including accessing computer networks and buildings. The trial is scheduled to begin service in the second quarter of 2010th

“More than 200 000 applications from the App Store is also an integral part of life for iPhone users,” said Amitaabh Malhotra, Chief Operating Officer DeviceFidelity. “This service In2Pay, we want iPhone users and developers a more interactive form of a secure transaction services on their hands when they want. ”

DeviceFidelity payWave Visa Visa is to combine technology and services In2Pay microSD mobile phones, and a currency, such as a credit card.

Visa tries to safety and convenience of e-commerce to mobile users worldwide, “says Dave Wentker, Head of Mobile Payment Type Visa Contactles. “The partnership will expand our coverage DeviceFidelity million users of the service user Visa iPhone.”

About two weeks ago, Visa announced that keeps DeviceFidelity special services for users of the iPhone. With these services, the iPhone using credit cards to thousands of stores.

Several hours after it was launched two weeks ago, should the media be withdrawn. But, this time on the news re-launched. Actual location of the mobile service Cruche images.

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