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How to Solve Scandisk and Defrag Problems

November 28th, 2008 surfer – Are you the kind of people who care about the “health” to your computer? Meaning?

I mean, if we care about the health of our computers, then we will do our best to keep it.


There are many ways to maintain the health of our computers to remain stable, both in terms of performance, or system.


For example, once a month we try to do ScanDisk and Defrag the hard drive. The aim is to monitor the extent to which the existing conditions on the hard drive of our computer.
Sometimes in the maintenance process we face obstacles, for example when we’re doing the Scandisk or Defrag, it turns out after walking a few tens of percent (eg 70%) and then freezes or hangs.
There are several reasons why Scandisk and Defrag are we run failed. This time I will give you tips and tricks to Scandisk and Defrag can run successfully.
1. Disable Antivirus programs such as Norton Antivirus, by selecting the Disable option autoprotect on the relevant application.
2. Click Start | Run, type msconfig and press Enter or click OK.
3. On the General tab, select Selective Startup and clear the check mark on all items under this group.
4. Click Apply and OK.
5. Restart Windows.
After Windows is running again, now run Scandisk and Defrag. When Scandisk and Defrag process is complete, do not forget to run msconfig again and now choose Normal StartUp. Last restart Windows again.
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