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How to care for HP Laser Printer

November 17th, 2009 surfer


Some time ago, someone asked about how to care for HP brand printers here. I promised to give the answer in a separate posting. Well, now is the time I post about tips how to care for HP printers.

These tips can be used for users of laserjet printers. Just unfortunately, I do not know the types because is so many.

The tips is as follows.
1. Note voltage / electric power. Most printers are damaged due to the absence of a stable electrical protection, try using a stabilizer with a servo motor system.
2. Do not ever try to force remove paper jammed / stuck with force, if forced to, try to pull the paper out in the same direction as the printer to print, but it would be better if you immediately took it to the service, rather than forced and had to replace spare parts, usually the subject is part of the film, and the gear that is easy to fall out / damaged at the time of paper drawn by force.
3. Keep your chips “strapless wire” not to fall on the tray / paper place, or the holes of the printer, this is caused because the printer heating technology using plastic film that will easily torn when exposed by sharp objects, and the resulting paper blisters and printouts are not perfect (no patches).
4. If you are finished using the printer, immediately turn off. Do not turn on the printer for too long, let alone all night when not in use, plus if you use printer is plugged directly into electricity without the stabilizer.
5. If you want to print something on any other media containing plastic materials, such as stickers or transparent paper, make sure first that the media heat. If the media is not resistant to heat, it can melt the media / melt in the printer and will cause damage. My advice, try using the original media from the manufacturer, for example, use of paper / other media made the original HP.
6. Never force that had leaked toner to print, this will cause the accumulation of toner grains on heating, which eventually resulted in the toner stuck on the heater and roller from the printer. Later on, the printer will be disabled when printing.
7. Try to keep every 5-6 months in the service your printer. The goal is to clean the inside of the toner powder grains. There’s a saying, better to prevent than to cure isn’t it?
That’s some tips for brand HP laser printers. Sorry if there are still many shortcomings, maybe someone can add?

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