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How to Block Unwanted Sites

December 3rd, 2008 surfer

unwanted – Actually there are many ways to block sites that are not desirable, from a very simple, such as through Internet Explorer (which after I tried, not working as it should / Web site still appears), the level of difficulty was, that use the file “hosts”. Oh yes, just added, this way is a bit inconvenient. Why? Because this way should be typed one by one the sites you want blocked.

Well, to save time, I will try to explain the steps:

1.Open Windows Explorer
2.Search the file called “hosts” (without the quotes) by opening C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc
3. As a precaution, back-up is used to file “hosts” had become “hosts.bak”, the way, you can either copy (so result will be 2, hosts.bak and the real hosts file.
4. How to open the hosts file before, click on the file open, if not recognized the extension, use notepad to open it.
5. Once opened, the display will appear like this (picture attached)

6. IP address is the default address of our computer. We need this file to “divert” site addresses that will be recognized as our computer’s IP address, so that later if you’d read error appears.
7. Enter the website addresses you do not want by pointing to the IP address of our computer. Begin with the way we used to display IP. For example:
Syntax above is our way to block certain addresses from a site, such as facebook and youtube.
Oh yes, this way can be used in all versions of Windows. Good luck, hopefully useful.

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