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December 9th, 2008 surfer

online storage – Did you ever run out of storage space on your hard disk? How is the solution? Whether buying a new hard disk or backup the data on this HD to a CD?
It may be that both of the above it can be done. Just weaknesses / shortcomings (in my opinion personally) is in terms of the relatively expensive cost.
Post time will discuss other solutions from other storage alternatives disk and CD R. I think no matter if from now on we start thinking about alternatives other than HD storage and CD.

All types of storage have a risk of damage such as fire, flood, storm damage, explosions, natural disasters and theft. But electronic storage also has another danger that threatens, for example, corrupted files, viruses, worms, spyware, etc..
Online storage is easy and convenient. You do not need to burn a CD or take your files anywhere. The other way is just transfer the soft copy files from your own computer into your computer online storage site. Most of these services has a cost, so can be expensive to store everything you want and need to save.
However, there was a way to save huge costs on online storage. You can even get free online storage if you know how.


1. Check free online storage sites and see what they offer. There are many that offer free storage comes with how to activate a new account, which is also usually free. Find the best sites that offer and can make a different account settings for each person.

2. Search online storage site that will provide income to you by taking / offering others to join. By promoting the service site to others, you will often get free storage space.

May useful.. Cheers. =)

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