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Email Tracing

June 10th, 2008 surfer

tracingEmail1 – I got the trick how to trace the person who emailed or spam your inbox. Now pay attention to this if you been pissed off by the jerk.. =) You can trace where his IP address and even more you can know where the person definite location.  Regardless what your email provider, you can adapt it to by your own. I’m just giving you guys several example email provider. Now my obligation to spread this information to you all. Pay closely to this trick.. hehehe.. LOL

How To Do It

First step is open your email account and pay attention to the email or spam header you want to know who the sender and the location is. This is how to see the email header:

1. If you using New Yahoo Mail : right click to the email, choose View Full Headers.
2. If you using Yahoo Mail Classic: Open the email, at the right bottom page there is View Full Header.
3. If you using Gmail / Google Mail: Open the email, at the top there is Reply option, beside it there’s an arrow to pointing down, click it and choose Show Original.
4. If you using Hotmail: right click the email, then choose View Source.
5. If you using Outlook Express: Open the email, open the menu tab File -> Properties -> Details -> Message Source.
6. If you using Microsoft Outlook: Double click the  email to see it in the full mode Window, open the menu tab Options -> View.

Second step is open new tab of your browser and go to this address and scroll down. Copy and paste the email header you’ve opened before to the window provided by website and then click Trace Email Sender.



Viola.. the information you looking for is here.. LOL By the way this information pictured by the google map feature. Result for every country may different depend on the satelite when recorded.


Now by the location, you can figure out who make joke with you, may be your closest friend or somebody that have a crush on you. LOL..  So if you want to mess with somebody watch it maybe he or she been visiting my blog or any others source that giving this trick.. Hopefully this article can be much helpfull toy you guys. Can’t wait to share another trick i have learn to you guys..


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