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September 8th, 2008 surfer

cybercrime – Nowadays, computer users should be careful with the risk of viruses or cyber-crime is carried out through the Internet. This was evident after a few big companies like Google, IBM and the Swiss Institute of Technology conducts research and has found that users who use the Internet almost never or less concerned with the security of the browser they use when surfing the Internet.

Research conducted by Google, IBM and the Swiss Institute of Technology, found there were about 600 million users who frequently use the Internet may be at risk to viruses, Trojans, worms, or any crime virtual world as they surf the Internet. Attack risk starts from the files of the vendors that if used as security, can actually harm the user because the attacker can retrieve these files or remove it until no trace.

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To that end, Google, IBM and the Swiss Institute of Technology, trying to remind the user to be able to update your browser security systems for the security of their site or sites they were using. Browser security is very important because the spammer or cyber-crime often take advantage of any weakness of the browser and Internet sites to attack such as the theft of user data and user information, falsification of data, or fraud.

Usually the attacker will attack the Internet site users at the plugins. Plugins is a small program that can extend the browser’s features possessed. Plugins became a point of weakness that became the target of the attacker so easy diekploitasi from a place in a browser that does not appear on the surface or hidden. Especially for users who rarely, even never update the browser version and browser plugins are used, the increase browser security holes.

In addition, research results show that users are more likely to use the latest version of Firefox than Internet Explorer browser are a bit slow for the latest version of the updater. There are approximately 83% of users are using the latest Firefox browser and more secure, sedangakn Safari around 65%, 56% Opera, and IE about 47% of users who update their browser.

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