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Cool Keyboard

May 20th, 2009 surfer

Keyboard – Is there anyone has seen a keyboard like this? What’s  the name huh? If so, I just called it “Cool Keyboard”.  Because this keyboard as if it could be rocked LOL.This keyboard buttons numbered 104, the standards combination, ie QWERTY, only the excess of this keyboard is rolled up. So, when you’re done using it, just rolled it . Practical is not it? The keyboard is also practical if used to replace the keyboard on your laptop.

Features in this keyboard:
1. Can be rolled up, making it easier for storage and portability
2. Anti dust and moisture
3. 104-key keyboard standard
4. There are 2 options koneksivitas: 1. Of PS / 2 or USB connection type 2 & PS / 2
5. Warranty use approximately 15,000,000 times repressed!

Cool Keyboard!!!

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