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Ball Shaped USB port

August 5th, 2009 surfer

soccer-1 – Are you a fan of soccer sports? Do you also collect objects that are related to these sports? Well, I think this gadget is one suitable for you. This gadget is a USB port spherical. Indeed, the primary function of this gadget is a USB port, but also can serve as an alternative garnish, if you feel bored with the USB port is a general form.

The advantage of this gadget is easy to use, given the round shape, certainly more convenient to use if you include some USB devices. If you use a regular USB port, sometimes there is one pull, or you accidentally pulled two devices at once, because it was attached.
Now, with a USB port that is spherical, you do not have to worry about the above, because it’s far from each other.


Oh yes, the default port number is 4 pieces, serves also as a protector from the dust, if it is not in use.
This gadget dimension 70x70x65, while weighing about 85 grams.
The price offered is $ 12.

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