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June 18th, 2009 surfer

Asus LCD1 – Who does not know the Asus? Usually these hardware manufacturers always identical with the trademark for the motherboard. But lately, Asus began sweeping the LCD monitor market. This time I will discuss the Asus-made monitor, namely Asus PG221. This monitor measures 22 “, suitable when used to play the game.

Asus LCD2
The technology used is Tracefree, Splendid Video, and ASCR for video and great pictures when you’re playing the game, your favorite games. Another plus, this monitor can provide 6.1 ch sound effects are great in surround sound stereo through TruSurroundXT SRS technology. Screen for 22 “is using the color panel to shine glare type color density and saturation a richer, so it can produce a clear image.

Asus PG221 also TraceFree technology, ie technology that can provide a fast response time, ie 2 ms (gray to gray) to display smoother video without ghosting, when you’re playing the game.

Asus LCD3
While ASCR technology stands  for Asus Smart Contrast Ratio, which is technology that provides high contrast ratio, the ratio of 2000:1 in order to provide a better picture brighter and sharper.

Splendid Video Intelligence technology is used Asus to provide optimum video performance with color correction, brightness and sharpness of the bright colors and provides 5 preset video modes selection can be done via hotkey and 3 skin tone, so you can enjoy the picture quality perfect when using it.

More input for games
Asus PG221 has a 1.3 megapixel webcam and integrated earphone and microphone jacks to support the use of the webcam.

Asus LCD4

Oh yes, there is one song excess of this product. This LCD monitor can be used for game consoles, such as PS3, WII and XBOX 360.

I love this LCD..

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