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Apple Admit Some Leopard Installation Problems

December 30th, 2009 surfer


In this week Apple posted a number of documents to the Web site to respond to the problem of ‘blue screen’ which happened to Mac users who want to upgrade its operating system to Mac OS X Leopard.

In an Apple discussion forum regarding this issue stated that the average incident occurred when the installation process nearing completion and the user tries to restart their computer. A blue screen or in terms of so-called ‘blue screen’, and inviting enough concern for comparison in terms of this Windows language is often regarded as the ‘blue screen of death’ which is common if Windows is damaged.

Further, Apple says that these problems could be related to the increase in software applications and in a Computerworld article identified the ‘Unsanity’s APE software’ as the source of all these problems. Unsanity application itself is an application that enables Mac users to customize the appearance of the Mac OS. From Unsanity own party responded to this Computerworld statement by saying that the problem may occur due to the use of APE version produced before Apple changed using Intel chips.

Yet another thing which then becomes a problem is the news on Apple’s Support forums that similar problems also happen to the Mac users who do not install the software APE. So this problem seems to occur not merely by a third party’s fault. From the Apple recommended two solutions to this problem. The first is for new users, the user must reinstall Leopard using the method ‘Archive and Install’. While the second for Mac users who have experienced this problem can find another solution that involves some command line to resolve this issue. For more details, can be seen on the Apple support discussion forum.

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