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Acer LCD Monitor Contrast Ratio Reach 50.000:1

April 1st, 2009 surfer

Acer LCD – Approximately a month ago, Acer LCD monitors will release a full-HD 24-inch, G24, which is claimed as the world’s first monitor that has the ability to 50.000:1 contrast ratio.

Until now, there has been no official statement from the related Acer when it will established to the market. But some people project the Acer monitor was sold with an uncompetitive price.
“Monitor Acer G24 adopting Adaptive Contrast Management (ACM), and became the first monitor that can deliver images with a contrast ratio up to 50.000:1,” Acer said in the statement, which was launched Softpedia, Sunday (6/7/2008).
“Acer ACM able to produce extraordinary improvisation in gradation and detail, especially to produce bright images and sharp, supports good picture quality. In addition, the ACM also allows the G24 to reduce energy consumption,” he continued.
Ability contrast ratio presented is quite surprising Acer. Previously, Samsung became champion in the ranks of TV LCD monitor product quality, the Samsung A750 LCD TV, including 52-inch LN52A750. Even the monitors contrast ratio is considered a more dynamic observers.
G24 reportedly shown on the display resolution of 1.920×1.200 with gray response time-to-gray approximately two milliseconds and the light power approximately 400-nit (cd/m2). In addition, the G24 is also equipped with HDMI input feature though the Acer does not expose the product to use HDCP or not. This Acer product plans will also be equipped with Blu-ray players and set-top boxes.

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