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5 Tips To Protect Your Gmail Account From Hacker Attacks

November 10th, 2009 surfer
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Do You Feel Really Safe

What do you know about the hacker? If you do not know? Yes, all our activities at the computer, let alone connected to the network / online, is not necessarily safe.
This time, I will discuss about the tips to protect your Gmail account. Apparently, this one thing can not be separated from the danger of attacks by hackers.

5 Tips To Protect Your Gmail Account

Okay, no more small talk, this is tips:
1. Use the latest version of your browser:
Always download and install the latest version of browser you use. Browsers must remain updated since previous versions may not be able to ward off attacks from hackers, in addition, there are usually bugs.
2. Delete all files or suspicious emails.
Do not store or follow the contents of the email reply you do not know and suspicious. As good as you remove as soon as possible, to avoid the things that are not desired.
3. Do not click any links that when you get emails from strangers
Perhaps we often get emails from people or one organization that we do not know and asked that we click the link in that email. If we click the link, the sender’s email login details will be shared with the hackers. So, do not ever click on links in emails from unknown senders!
4. Never respond to emails that do not you know / know:
Hacker even more intelligent you think. They apply to any alternative method to hack your email account. One of the tricks they employ is to send some emails. After sending the email, they will wait for an email reply from you. This is done so that they can track your IP address from your e-mail that you send later. Once they get your IP address, they will hack your email account. So, be careful. Never respond to emails that you do not know from your Gmail account.
5. Turn off mail forwarding or POP / IMAP:
Do not forward your mail to another account (using the email forwarding). This can be traced and read by hackers. Disable POP or IMAP facility in your Gmail account.
You can open your browser, log into Gmail and read your mail. So, why still need the facility POP and IMAP?

That’s 5 tips for securing your Gmail account. Hopefully useful.

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