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4 Easy Steps to Save Your Laptop Batery Longer

August 12th, 2008 surfer – Do you have a laptop? This time I will give tips on how to save laptop batteries for longer uses.
Every laptop user would want the battery is durable and long lasting. Of course, as more activities conducted outside demanding the use of a laptop, it has to be considerate for saving battery life.
Here are some tips and tricks for laptop batteries to be durable and long lasting:

1. Power Management settings on your laptop
If your OS Windows XP user, you can set the power management on the part
Control Panel by selecting the option on the power performance and maintainance category.
2. Charging laptop battery
Here you need to know how the correct battery charging. If you are going to “charge” the battery, do as the laptop is off / off. When the battery is fully charged, you must immediately remove the battery adapter so that not overloaded.
3. See the display monitor on your laptop
The more light on your monitor’s display, the greater the energy required. So reduce the level of your laptop brightnes.
4. Stop the wireless signal / bluetooth (if your laptop has wifi feature)
If setting to enable the wifi feature in a state continues to burn, then immediately stop if you are not going to use it. Wifi network connections that enabled will constantly draining the battery.

Hope can be useful.. Cheers..


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